A New Nonfiction Literary Genre Founded By Maureen Seaberg

The Founder Of The Genre Maureen Seaberg

I am announcing the birth of a new literary genre, founded by me: Real Magicalism.

I bought the premium URL for a couple hundred bucks to plant my flag in cyberspace just now.

Real Magicalism Definition: nonfiction works showcasing actual magic in the everyday. Founded by nonfiction writer Maureen Seaberg to reverse the hypnosis/psychological operation that magic can only be found in the fictional works of the magical realism genre.

“Though I love the fictional works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende and beyond, I noticed that my nonfiction colleagues were…

City of New York employee may be key to solving the Tic Tac UFO mystery

From the Tic Tac website.

About five years ago, I began seriously looking into the UFO/UAP phenomena as a science journalist. During the fall down that endless rabbit hole, a neighborhood acquaintance privy to my research offered her own story.

It was three months in advance of the page one New York Times report describing the extraordinary encounter by United States Navy personnel off the coast of San Diego in 2004 and well before the public knew there were “Tic Tac UFOs” .

The serious and well-read woman, a New…

Protocol for discerning distant information uses all the sensory channels.

By Maureen Seaberg

An elite remote viewer named D. Baron “Buddy” Bolton phoned one day. He’d chosen a photograph, and asked me to focus on it, telling me only that it was of a “location.” Bolton has been featured here before as part of the “Real Magicalism” nonfiction writing genre I founded on the blessedly uncensored Medium platform to disclose true magic and reverse the mass hypnosis and nefarious psychological operation that “the impossible” only belongs in fiction.

Bolton works in governmental and aerospace realms. We were introduced by Dr…

The Eleven Percent Of Humanity Interacting With UFOs Have Special Brains

Aerial phenomena over New York City in broad daylight in June 2019. Author’s own unedited photo taken with Samsung phone in moving car. A silver glint above the topmost cloud inspired the photo. When it was taken, the multiple plasma-like orbs became apparent.

UFOs are not real just because the United States Navy and the New York Times say they are per the 2017 front page story about the U.S.S. Nimitz and the phenomena and those reports which have followed.

I mean no disrespect to our brave military forces (thank you all) and the New York Times (with whom I had a very positive experience as a stringer for several years). They added their imprimatur to the issue to great effect on the worldwide conversation we are now engaged in a few years ago.

But c’mon. Humanity is being spoon fed the truth…

Holly Golightly Was an Emotion to Color Synesthete

Holly Golightly escaping the “mean reds” at the iconic Fifth Avenue store.

In 1958 when Truman Capote published the novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Time magazine declared its heroine Holly Golightly, “the hottest kitten ever to hit the typewriter keys” of Mr. Capote. “She’s a cross between a grown-up Lolita and a teen-age Auntie Mame …alone and a little afraid in a lot of beds she never made.”

Holly was afraid and she didn’t know why. She called the state of discomfort “the mean reds” — a very synesthetic emotion to color declaration.

The scene in which she explains the mean reds comes rather early…

Randy Eady is a nuclear inspector turned science-based healer

By Maureen Seaberg

How does a person go from being an elite warrior to a cutting-edge healer?

Randy Eady treating a little one.

Air Force Major Randy Eady (retired) has done just that, bridging modern science, ancient wisdom traditions, and futuristic therapies in his thriving healing practices in Cologne, Germany and Boca Raton, Florida.

“It was a peeling back of the layers,” more than any single event, says the former Air Force Academy professor and nuclear weapons inspector, who is now an integrative energy and spatial healing therapist, specializing in balance and movement disorders. He has a…

Balasana, or the child’s pose in yoga.

By William C Bushell, Ph.D., Eddie Stern, and Maureen Seaberg

When oxygen levels in people’s blood drop dangerously low, they will usually become short of breath; they will likely become alarmed and seek emergency help.

However, in COVID-19, the virus often compromises the sensorium, the seat of the senses, so much that “silent hypoxia” occurs and victims have no idea they are in mortal danger.

We have found that practicing meditation and yoga could boost sensory health. …

Duck Yoga by Maureen Seaberg.

By Maureen Seaberg

In her luminous essay on COVID-19 for the Financial Times in the spring, Arundhati Roy said the pandemic is a portal.

Through history, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew, she wrote. And this one is no different. “It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage…

A procedural and visionary book written ten years ago could show the way forward

By Maureen Seaberg

Jack L. Colwell and Charles “Chip” Huth tried to tell us a decade ago. Policing is about building relationships in a community and having respect for all citizens, regardless of whether they’ve “earned it.” We were not listening closely enough.

Their book, Unleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect: Transforming Law Enforcement and Police Training was what the two veteran law enforcement officers hoped would be a solution to strained relations between the police and the wider community. Today, they see the fabric fraying…

Butterfly O’Clock by Maureen Seaberg.

By Maureen Seaberg

In late September 2018, a lone monarch butterfly sailed past the picture window beside the desk at my home office.

I felt an overwhelming wave of sadness as it drifted down the corridor between my house and my next-door neighbor’s in New York City — alongside lilacs no longer in bloom and out to the street in front.

Like a grain of sand irritating an oyster, it bothered me that it was the only monarch I had seen that month. Ordinarily, September is a peak time for the orange and black beauties in the Northeast. …

Maureen Seaberg

Coauthor of Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel (HMH). Published in the New York Times, National Geographic, Psychology Today.

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