Psychic X Comes Out of the Shadows

Maureen Seaberg
3 min readSep 19, 2019

A psychic top scientists say is one of the best they’ve ever tested lives in a truck with his 17-year-old dachshund, “Vienna,” (for the sausages) and cruises the streets of Gotham in a kind of cosmic vision quest. He broke up with his girlfriend and gave her the farmhouse they shared in upstate New York.

“I like it,” Psychic X said of his ascetic life recently. “It helps me, living among many I can help, and have, in ways no one will ever know.”

I wrote previously of his New York City street ministry here. Psychic X helps the “untouchables” of New York City’s marginal neighborhoods and other folks around the nation through word of mouth. His focus is healing from illness and beating addiction.

He has agreed to come forward and drop the anonymity he required in my last report on him. He is D. Baron “Buddy” Bolton.

Essentially homeless, he nonetheless is a habitue of some pretty elite laboratories around the nation (including top aerospace companies and clandestine facilities), traveling frequently to be tested on his precognitive abilities as well as to advise scientists on the physics of the impossible.

Known to top intelligence figures and even space agencies, Bolton’s rare gifts of non-local consciousness are being used for everything from remote sensing to brainstorming the next wave of futuristic spacecraft.

If it all sounds far-fetched, it is very much like the landscape laid out by top religious scholar Dr. Diana Pasulka in her successful Oxford University Press book, American Cosmic, just out this year. Pasulka’s fascinating tome follows Silicon Valley gurus and a NASA scientist through the realms of UFO research and even the Vatican secret archives in a “new religion” where technology research and development is sometimes informed by “off-world intelligence” provided by experiencers of extraordinary phenomena. Bolton says he can access such things.

“The whole thing is so exciting. Oh my God, I’m so thankful,” Bolton says, “to feel a kind of sense of fulfillment. This is a huge blessing…I want to serve only good in the biggest, best way possible.”

Several more people have given testimonials about Bolton since the last story appeared.



Maureen Seaberg

Coauthor of Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel (HMH). Published in the New York Times, National Geographic, Psychology Today.